Book Review



Into a world that in these days hears and experiences so much dissonance in life, Dr. Thomas Mowbray has written a beautiful little book of prayers that adds some much needed harmony. In his latest book, A Concert of Prayer, Dr. Mowbray shows us a pattern of prayer for the Christian Year and for other occasions in the life of a congregation. The prayers are substantive yet written in a conversational style that is easy to read and can also serve as a guide for meditation and reflection.


The only shortcoming I found in the book is in Dr. Mowbray's use of too many masculine pronouns for God. With the wealth of imagery we have in the Old Testament, I would have been even happier to have my mind stretched by some diversity.


A Concert of Prayer is an excellent work. Pastors and lay people alike can use it as it has something to offer each. Dr. Mowbray has given us a gem in the area of prayer. Pastors will find themselves returning to it again and again.


Rev. C. Michael Kuner

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Oklahoma City